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Going to Him!  Happy letter!

Tell Him –

Tell Him the page I didn't write –

Tell Him – I only said the Syntax –

And left the Verb and the pronoun out –

-Emily Dickinson, from F277 (1862) 

A One-Page Solo RPG about saying difficult things to important people. Requires a pen, some paper and one 6 sided die


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It seems like a interesting and wonderful game! Do you plan to open more community copies in the future?


The Page I Didn't Write is a one player, one page, letter writing game about not writing a letter.

There's a lot of contradiction in there, but the basics of play are that you struggle to write a letter, the dice decide whether you get to say the things you want to say, and at the end there's a 50% chance you just destroy the letter.

I think this is a game that's better read than played. It has a lovely layout and structure, and it really does encapsulate the frustration of struggling to say something true. But if you get frustrated already by that kind of thing, having the dice add more frustration may not be an ideal experience.

Overall, I don't think a lot of letter-writing games include revision as part of their process, and if you're interested in letter-writing games, I would definitely recommend checking this one out.

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I found this through the bundle and had a great time with it! I tried it out with one of my characters for a tabletop game I have planned, it definitely helped with fleshing him out.


Found this through the bundle, and I loved it! My first time playing a solo written RPG game and it spoke to me for unknown reasons. Tried it out, and it was very charming. Gave my dnd character some deep thoughts.


A curious letter writing game that typically leaves you nothing you intended to say on paper, assuming your letter even survives the game

Highly recommended to play with your own Original Characters.