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When you first meet again  neither of you remember what happened but what are these strange feelings? This intense sadness or longing out of nowhere? Maybe one you remembers something, but not the other. Maybe you remember different things?  Then, as you interact more, you both start to remember. Every time you touch you see a significant moment from your past. Even if you try to pass it off as nothing, it becomes impossible to ignore.  

You knew each other, and loved each other, a lifetime ago. 

The question is, what are you going do about it in this life?

This is a game for at least 2 players, written for the #YourMoveJam


Nise No Chigiri (Visual Novel)- Otomate

This time, I definitely will be happy! (Light Novel)- Riko Saiki

In Another Life (Song)- Vienna Teng

Yukarism (Manga)-Shiomi Chika


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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In Another Life is a two page, one Move, PbtA reincarnation-romance rpg. It takes its inspiration from a Vienna Teng song of the same name, as well as light novels/manga/otome games that riff on the same premise.

You play as a person encountering the reincarnations of lovers from past lives, and there isn't much more structure than that. There's a rough guide to the types of scenes you might play, but any conflict sort of has to be player-induced, as the core Move just determines whether you remember details about your past lover.

The concept is cool, and the game is easy to read and play, but I wouldn't have minded a few more pages and a mechanic for introducing complications, or a few scenario prompts.

Overall, if you like romance games and you like them short and sweet, this is an excellent pickup. Just be ready to do a little bit of legwork if you want more narrative structure or a more involved plot. It *does* handle an ensemble cast with no problems, though, and it's equally easy to add the Move into another system if you want a remembering-past-connections mechanic.


Oh my god this is a Thing! I had my own tentative version that I wanted to play with my partner, and this is an excellent starting point. Thank you!